Broken Vent Tee on Keihin FCR39

I broke a Vent Tee on a Keihin FCR39 from a 1999 WR400. It looks like yamaha doesn't sell them. So before I wind up making a new one which I don't want to, I wanted to ask on here if anyone knows what I might do?Carb img.JPG

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I doubt Sudco will be of much help. I'd instead contact James Dean. He is a TTer and tends to help out with the offbeat.


The 'T' is not considered a servicable part. I am not sure how they are attached (superglue???) but I have never had one come out or rotate. I've only seen then broken off. Most simply ignore it though it'd bother me and I'd come up with a fix. Getting the right diameter is the tricky part. Please be sure to update this thread to help others in the future.

There is one on each side both held in place with a wire clip, and sealed with one O-ring each. rsz_carb_tee2.JPG

Ohhhhhh a old slant style. James Dean can hook you up

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