150SX vs 150XC

My son moved up from the minis to the big bikes in Hare Scrambles this year and ran a 150XC.  He loved the bike and we are looking to get another set up for the winter and next year. But since KTM is not making the 150XC we are wondering if we try to find a non-current XC or go with the '15 SX.  I know about the tank, silence, rear tire, etc, but what about the engine, primary gearing ignition, flywheel, and powervalve.  Is there a big difference? has anyone rode both?  What are your impressions for offroad?




They arent offering the 150XC for 2015? Thats a bummer. I dont see anything online about it. Id go with a 14 if you can find one. The difference between the 15 would be very very small.

If you can only get the SX, budget for a revalve.  I rode one in the woods this weekend and the suspension was brutal.  Nice bike for sure, but the XC is the way to go for off road.  Maybe you should be looking at the 200.

I rode both back to back, mind you they were both 12's. The Sx has a hotter ignition and a bigger 38mm carb. It makes a big difference. Pulls ontop longer, rev's quicker and hits harder in general, since its only a 150 i wanted to get the most performance out of the 150. External gearing is different. If you are racing, you won't miss the kickstand. Silencer is shorter on the sx. but anything aftermarket is a great area to spend some money, it really uncorks the little pinger. I used 13/51 on my 12 sx 150 in the woods. Powervalve hight should be exactly the same but i set mine to the "Langston setting" I had to deal with this hard decision in 2012. decided with the sx, a revalve and a big tank. It was a great decision! Its easier to make a fast bike slower than a slow bike faster.

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I agree with the above post...

I run 13/50, tightened my squish, and added a pc pipe setup. Really got the most out of the low and mid range on my SX. It loves the woods....

As far as suspension, I just crank back the clickers to the softer end of the adjustment and it's fine for me. I ride more moto than woods, I guess I'm used to stiff suspension.

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Best mod you can do for a 150SX for XC racing is Rekluse Core Clutch setup. Everything else is just diminishing returns

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