In gear clutch won't engage

04 kx125, ran fine last time I had it out (few months ago) and I started it up this morning and when I put it in gear it barely grabs as if the clutch is slipping. Took the clutch out, one plate was a little dark with some possible burn streaks but nothing that seemed bad enough to be causing it to slip so badly. Any thoughts? Thanks!

By the way, I soaked the plates in some fresh oil and put it all back together with fresh oil and it seemed to help maybe ever so slightly

Is your clutch cable to tight?


Something had to of changed since the last time you rode it, if it worked fine then.  Oil change?

Now that I think of it I have changed my clutch perch and lever since I last rode, you sir may be a genius, let me check!

Definitely sounds like adjustment issue then, good luck!

Check your basket for grooving as well

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