17 inch rims

I have a 89 nx125 and I want to put 17 inch rims on it. But I'm not in a financial position to just drop $1200 on a set of rims and tires right now so I was looking to see if anyone has ever got a 17 inch rim and spoke set and just laced it up to a stock hub which is what I'm probably going to end up doing. I just can't seem to find any stock 17 inch dirt bike rims. Anyone know of any dirt bikes that came with a stock 17 inch tire? If it's the front or the back it dosent matter.

Most dirt bikes come with 18 or 19" wheels.


You can contact http://www.buchananspokes.com/


They would be able to help you however it could get expensive. Also make sure you can even get appropriate tires before you spend any money.

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The cheapest thing to do, would be to find something like GS500 or Ninja 500 cast wheels. You can get 17" rims pretty easy, but you'll need spokes and all that, it'll be probably $500, but you can keep your brakes

I have an old cbr600f3 that isn't any good so I was gonna try to take the front forks and swing arm off it and pit it on my NX. has anyone else done this or heard of anyone doing this? I know the forks are a different size so I'm just gonna take the whole triple tree but I'm not too sure about the swing arm. I've seen pictures of both swing arms and they look about the same but I'm still not sure.

Forks could possibly be straightforward, but maybe not what you want. The swingarm is likely beyond a nightmare. Rear wheel is likely too wide

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My plan is to take the triple tree off the Cbr, bolt it up to mine and do the same with the swing arm. Hopefully with little to no modification. If everything goes to plan I will have 17 inch wheels and disc brakes which will be awesome because drum brakes suck.

Not likey to work.

 By FAR the simplest and cheapest is what you ask about. Yes, use your stock hubs on whatever rims you find. Buchanon will sell you the spokes you need to make it work. They'll do it for you, but you'll pay + shipping both ways adds up!

 Look at Ebay for used/ New rims cheap. I've bought a couple of new, unused Excel rims for $50. Can also look up what bikes use 17" (older dirt bikes and mini's)  wheels and look for someone selling those specifically on their own.That is BY FAR the cheapest way.


What does the NX use rear??  Old XR's and XL's used 17" rear wheels. I have them on my 85 XR350, one with street rubber.  Can put a 130 on the stock 2.15 which is plenty and looks perfect on these bikes. 

Front end swaps never are simple and open up bags of worms and many small expensive parts needed to makes everything work.  JMO   :)

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I've been looking for a rear wheel for my nx that I can just lace up to the front hub but I'm worried the front tire will run the forks. That will by far be the cheapest thing I could do cause I won't have to buy anything else but that and a new tire. But the nx125 uses a 4.10 18 rear wheels. I would go with an XR or XL rear wheel for the front and back but I can't find any 36 hole rims.

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