'03 wr450 one way assembly help!?!

I've been having starter issues. Did the '04 starter gear upgrade. Bought a new ricks custom starter. Still grinding noise. Took out flywheel to look at starter clutch and one way assembly. IN my manual it says counterclockwise it should engage most of the time it does. Not all the time though and I noticed a flat spot in the assembly. See picture. Will this cause all my damn starting issues???



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all of the rollers or just the one?

if one should be ok, but if all of them, then its scrap

Yeah it's just the one. I'm still trying to find out why my assembly doesn't engage all the time. It's the only visible damage that I could find. Thanks

If its not engaging everytime when you try rotating it counter clockwise by hand then its got a problem, whether its visible or not


Whats the starter gear surface like where the rollers engage - scored / damaged?

This surface needs to be unmarked

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It never would hurt to replace the bearing assy.

Thanks for the help fellas. So how do you remove the bearing housing from flywheel rotor?

Don't think you can replace the 'bearing' assy out of them. Its sold as a complete unit if it needs replacing

part number 5TJ155900000


There's 6 bolts which hold it to the back of the rotor

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Thanks for your help! Bearings aren't looking too good. Ima order a new assembly. Thanks again for the help

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