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TT500 head needs a refurb (I think)

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I've posted before on my 78 500TT issue and yesterday we came to a sort of conclusion as to whats wrong with it.


in short, bike starts from cold and when put in gear it splutters and bangs for the first 100 yards then clears and runs perfect the rest of the day.

yesterday the bike stalled just after starting it and would not restart, it had little or no compression. Got it restarted after a bit of work, as usual splutters for the first 100 yards then clears, bike will now have compression and starts first kick for the rest of the day.


Maybe we are wrong but we think when cold the exhaust valve is not seating properly/stuck open a tad. once warmed and run under load it runs free and perfect. 


Valve clearances are correct etc when checked in the garage.  


Now that winter is coming I am going to lift the top end off, replace rings etc. and will also get the head refurbed with new valve seals and the valves recut in. 


Are the valve guides easy to get replaced and are they available from yamaha or where do you get them in the UK 

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