KTM EXC 400 shifts violent


I have a 2009 KTM EXC 400, bike is new for me. Good condition, but it. Shifts gears in quite violent way.Lever works perfect even when engine is off.

It's possible to find the neutral etc.

When oil is cold it shifts more gently when hot it becomes more like without the clutch. Clutch seems to be working fine .

The clutch has400 hours so maybe it's time for new set of plates?

Have you changed the oil? Oils can affect shifting.

Yes ,oil was the first thing I've changed.

I have the possibility to get complete clutch set from brand new disassembled engine for 50-60 Euro so I think anyway I'll grab a bargain.

Are you talking about the clutch or the shifting? Confused. Of you're in dirt you don't need the clutch to shift.

what does a violent way mean to you, I don't understand

Maybe "violent" it's not the best word. I mean that even driving when I shift to higher or lower gear the feeling is like switching 1st gear from neutral when cold.

Doesn't matter if I shift under load or with no load.

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are the gears grinding or clunking when you shift?. I think at 400 hours it is probably time for a new set of clutch plates.

Hmm hard to say, it's rather clunking. Some force is required to shift and gear immidiately engages but in a way I described.

Is it necessary to change a set after 400 hours or friction plates only should be fine?

Is it necessary to change a set after 400 hours or friction plates only should be fine?

You won't know until you check the plates out. You need check both metal and fiber plates for flatness on a flat surface like a piece of plate glass or a large mirror. Also, you need to mike the fiber plates to make sure that they are thicker than the factory minimum.

Ok. I'll do the measurements but don't want to loose time so maybe I'll get a new set. 400 hours it's a lot even for clutch.

What can you say about ebc dirt clutch set or nhc?

Be sure the clutch lever and slave are working correctly. Bleed the system as it has likely never seen fresh fluid. Also remember that the gearbox has a separate oil system from the motor on the 09.

Im thinking since it is clunking and going into gear hard that maybe the clutch hydraulic system needs to be bled. If the clutch does not disengage then it would shift into gear hard.

I 've bleed the system and changed the fluid. Gearbox oil was also changed.

I have to check how it shifts without the clutch to be sure it's clutch related issue.


I have my plates out but I can't find wear limits anywhere, please help.

My steel plates looks a bit strange - is this a wear sign ?



I have my plates out but I can't find wear limits anywhere. I'be compared with new one and they have the same thickness.

My steel plates looks a bit strange, have mirror shine places and brown places - is this a wear sign ? I have a new set but I would prefer to return it if my set is ok.



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May sound daft but have you checked the tension of your drive chain. I know bikes can be a pain to change gear if it's too tight. Just a thought

Hi. Should be not an issue I in my case, I have new chain, well adjusted. I decided to change the clutch and inspected shift mechanism which is accessible from clutch side. I've also done oil pump upgrade in this occasion.

I have one more idea. My shift lever tip is worn and maybe I'm not fully engaging gears

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maybe shifter is hitting chain at front sprocket

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