dirt bike tire changing

I'm 63 and have been riding motorcycles since my youth. Have always changed my bike tires and sometimes my car tires. Since then I have used my 9" irons. In the last few years it has become more difficult. I am not as strong.

What irons do you use?

I'm in the same boat. Kills me. Takes to long, and I pinch tubes. So last swap, I began using my favorite shops iron, and let them do the work too! $30 with a new tube.

Next time I change tires, am going to get a 16" iron. I haye buying tires online then taking them to a local guy.

I use 1 long and 2 short irons with the motion pro bead buddy. Use baby powder or simple green to prevent catching a tube. Bigger tires are easier. My 12" pit bike tires suck to change

I use a container of regular tire talc. Usually use an inner tube that is one size smaller than recommended, with a small amount of air once it is in (to keep the tube from pinching or twisting).

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