Boyesen reed wear?

I just bought a '97 CR500.

I'm going through everything to make sure it is in good shape.

I just pulled the reed cage and need some advise on what I am looking at.

The base piece of the reed set has troughs in it in three places.

Almost like a path was burning through between the reed cage and the reed base piece.

Can someone tell me what I am looking at here? In the attached, pic, the arrows point to what I am taling about.

Also, I need to figure out which reeds to purchase to replace these.





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I would call Boyesen directly.... They will answer all your questions and then some...

Yes, call boyesen!! I did last week and received awesome help!! They made two different rad valves for the 500. There is a number stamped on the side of the housing. Give them that number and they will set you up. About 45-65 bucks. I'd recommend going with the pro carbon reeds, well worth the extra $20

Yes, thanks!

I will call Boyesen tomorrow.

Apparently it is a Rad valve that I have.

I am used to tearing apart 4 stroke motors.

I am definitely on the learning curve with the two stroke parts.

I am looking forward to running the 500 in vintage races as well as the desert.



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