1974 honda

Found a guy selling a 1974 Honda with a suzuki 400cc Street engine in it has some cosmetic issues... He is charging for 300, is that a good price?

One thing you will have to look at is the possible frame changes and the fabrication of the motor mounts those are real deal breakers but if those check out and others say the price is right and you like it buy it but those are a lot of ifs

Even if everything looks good, and the price is right...I'd plan a complete chassis teardown, to closely inspect all fab work, to insure that it can be safely ridden. Plan on having to do/have welding done, to reinforce any potential weak areas.

Yes I will definitely have it looked over before it is bought. How hard is it to find replacment seats for these bikes, if it's to hard to find I can probably fabricate one.

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