Help with my son's pw50 please!

Well guys, my question is, how can I make my son's pw50's clutch engage at a lower rpm so he can take off without screaming it. He is 4 and still learning so I'm trying to make it pleasant and enjoyable but it just doesn't start going soon enough. I had heard about grinding down the shoes on the clutch drum, but need more info....please help me, this boy wants to ride but is freaked over the centrifugal clutch stall on this thing!

How much throttle is 'screaming'? A video might help for comparison to pw normal. If he's learning and intimidated, use the throttle limiter screw to make that part easier. It should be able to move on it's own (barely) with the throttle screw in all the way. Can it?

Sounds like the clutch isn't working right, all of them I've seen engage pretty much right off idle.

Was it used? Might have aftermarket springs in there to get that result. If its not, switch to a lighter oem spring set

I haven't had it opened to look at what's in there. It is used, and by estimate I would say it doesn't start moving with his 45 pounds on it until almost 4 grand rpm. He is intimidated, and the screw all the way in will not allow it to move. Guess I need to take it apart and see what's in there

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