im such a dumbass

I bought a used 97' kx 250. Tore it down cleaned everything replaced the rings added new levers a flywheel weight a new clutch new spark plug new clutch cable new fenders shined polished and prayed... Well it won't start. F$$$ me with a 10" cactus. I put straight gas onto the tip of the plug and kicked it brappppppppppp fired right up. Turned it off after it warmed up and waited til the bike cooled off to see if I could kick it on my on fuel on choke out kicked it for 30 mins nothing but a pungent odor of fuel in the air. The carb under the bowl in The inside where the jets are the metal casting that looks like fins I accidently broke the corner off. Would this affect anything! I have compression I have spark and Damn it I know I have fuel I just cleaned the carb. I have the stock pilot and a 162 main what the he'll is going on!!! I'm loosing my mind

You broke part of the carb in where the jets and such are (not quite clear what from your description)? Yeah, that'll affect it. Put up some pics of the carb damage.

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