Rmz 250 enduro?

Is this a good machine for enduro? I do mostly tight trails , with lots of rocks.

Will the suspension hold the rocks beating?

Does it have bottom power?

Whats the accelaration compared to 2stroke? (obviously is gonna be slower , but is it that mutch slower? comparing to a 200 2stroke lets say)

Any one tryed the athena 290 kit on it?


Thanks for your time :D

Any sugestions? Il be buying it soon.

Go for it, any bike can be made trail worthy. Get the suspension done, some decent guards, bigger tank. That's basically KTM's recipe for the XCF vs SXF and its an awesome tail rig

I'll be switching from a 250 2T to a 250f for next off-road season... IMO you won't regret it!

I've ridden a few on the woods so far and all signs point to DO IT!

You cannot get a bigger tank for the RMZ250s....it sucks

Yea only the 04-06 can ...

But I'm barely fast enough to need fuel as is :-)

If I was faster and needed fuel at a hare scramble my wife would need to step up :)

I use it for trails and I love it. Rear shock is very stiff though, 6ft 160lbs.

I had a post with pics. Is very easy to tap into the frame spars and have fuel in the frame. With the stock tank,fuel in the frame and a coolant bottle behind the left side panel-im right around 2.5 gals. Just the frame mod will give 2.3 gals.

Awesome trail bikes IMHO.



Yokomo, what brand kick stand are you using? 

I think its a Trail Tech.  Excellent mod!


If you look by the radiator, you'll see I installed a syringe to catch the Engine Ice coolant.  I mostly trail ride and I enjoy riding slower more technical stuff, or riding with my kids.  So I never lose coolant.



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Here in Italy they sell it for enduro and its called rmz250e .. what changed is the front spocket from 12 to 13 teeths and the change oil on the suspension to make it softer anfter that put an engine guard and radiator and you are ready. I my self use it an rmz 250 k8 for woods and I am very sattisfied. The only negative thing is that I wish the first gear was shorter.

My 07 RMZ has an aftermarket cam and porting job, it has a TON of bottom end punch up to third gear

I got now a 2010, re-valved suspension. Works great

Awesome trail bikes IMHO.




Presently, looking for a late model RMZ250 myself, what all mods did you do on your bike for woods riding, gearing, any other changes. I seen the catch tube for the coolant, is there anything you did?



I've only done little things.  I haven't dumped money into a Rekluse or suspension or 18" rear.  I just added the wimpy brushguards, softened up the clickers, and added the coolant catch can.

I recently had a KTM 200.  The softer suspension would go right over the logs and such without deflecting as much as the RMZ, but I prefer the firmer ride.  If I were woods racing the KTM 200 would be the way to go.  But I just joy ride and prefer the quickness of the 250 4 stroke.

Pretty much all I ride is fairly tight single track, with a lot of rocks and hills. I normally ride a 250x and it has worked really well for me. I recently picked up an 07' rmz250 as a back up bike. At first I was skeptical az I have always ridden honda but I find myself riding the bike more and more and having a great time on it. Advantages are it's light weight for a four stroke off road, plenty of smooth usable power, good on the bottom end for a 250, it has never overheated on me and I have had it in quite a few tight areas, the bike feels slightly more compact and a little easier to get the feet to the ground, and it has great handling. Disadvantages are it doesn't come set up for off road use so u have to add on what you need, stalls easier in the tight stuff, and the suspension is good but in my opinion is a little to harsh/deflection in the real rocky stuff. Of course all this can be modified to work for off road. The only thing I did to mine was a little bit of suspension work to make it happy in the rocks. Overall it has really won me over and I have become a fan!

I can give you the recipe for the suspension if you get Showa 2010-2012

Is this a good machine for enduro? I do mostly tight trails , with lots of rocks.

Will the suspension hold the rocks beating?

Does it have bottom power?

Whats the accelaration compared to 2stroke? (obviously is gonna be slower , but is it that mutch slower? comparing to a 200 2stroke lets say)

Any one tryed the athena 290 kit on it?


Thanks for your time :D


Not sure what year your looking at but my 08 rmz 250 is a great woods bike. All you gotta do is set it up they way that you like. I bought my 08 brand new in summer of 2010 and to this day its been on 4 moto tracks. I ride it off road every time. 


The suspension that came stock is great for a 140-160 or 170 pound rider. I'm pushing 210 with gear so i got mine serviced for my weight. But good suspension. 


The bottom end pull is sweet for pulling the front tire over rocks and logs. The bottom to mid is the bread and butter to this bike. 


The ktm 200 2t is lighter and maybe more nimble i ride every now and then with a buddy that has a ktm 200 and its a sweet woods bike, but it is a ktm so a used one could be more to buy. Not dogging kms they make great moto and enduro bikes but the suzuki will be cheeper to buy, and you'll still have a blast on it. (only point I'm trying to make there) 


I just did a top end on my 250 after 175 hours! I thought it was going to be pretty beat up inside so i thought about doing a 262cc kit on it but sure enough my cylinder looked really well for 175 hours so i decided to just replace everything and keep it stock. You can do a search on here and read about people that have them. Long story short from what i remember is little more bottom to mid pull, not any faster, and carberated bikes are easier to tune. 


Also i have a oversized tank on my 08. Acerbis 3.0 gallons. They are out there. 


Here are some pictures of my bike to get a look at a rmz woods weapon.


Key Mods I've done are Rekluse 3.0 Core Clutch. Scotts Steering Stabo. Flexx Bars. Skid plate. Oversized tank. Cycra wrap around Hand Guards. PMB Kick it Kickstand (not pictured just took it off to service) Oddly i really like the stock gearing for what i ride so my Gearing is stock, And Exhaust system. At first i got a slip on and i didn't really notice much, But after a couple months or so i got a steal of a deal on a Mega bomb header. The mega bomb really opened the bike up and made a world of difference. If you go full exhaust though get a JD Jet kit. Makes the bike run like a dream and worth the 70 bucks. 








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