PW 50 and PW 80 stock carb settings?

I have both sizes of little PW, one for son other for daughter, and am trying to get them running right. Both usable now, but with little issues. Both completely stock, exhaust, intake, everything. Both bought used, so I have no original paperwork. I've tried googling and searching my ass off, but can't find little things like the correct bowl float height. Stock jetting to confirm if prior owners messed with it or not, etc.

PW50 runs fine, for a starter 50cc. When sitting in the garage on the center stand though, it slowly drips a huge puddle of fuel. Bad float height? Maybe.

PW80 doesn't run as smooth, and is a royal pain to start cold. While running or stopped fuel slowly drips underneath if pet ock is on. Bad seals, or bad float height. Doesn't look like a leaky gasket, so I wanna check float height, and the rough running makes me think the idiot PO &%$#@!ed with it not having a clue. Wouldn't be the only idiot surprise this bike had...

So, any one know float height or jetting for a ~2012 PW50 or a ~2005 PW80?

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