Can I remove backfire screen on air filter frame?

Just wondering if I can remove the mesh backfire screen on the airfilter plastic frame? I know they make high flo kits but they arnt cheap for what they are. Will me airfilter realy catch fire without it??

Just buy a RM250 cage, theyre about $15, have been running them for years with no worries

Awsome, thanx mate.

yes just cut it out, ive done that on every 4 stroke Ive owned

I have the aluminum Twin Air screenless cage and an aluminum bolt if someone wants. I use a moto tessanari and it came with a new screenless cage.

I have the NoToil kit. It is really nice as well. I believe it is pretty much identical to the Twin Air kit. 

Just called the store and they have ordered me in an rm250 frame, $15! Thanx mate, you just saved me over $100!!

Fuel injection is nice but I would rather be blown

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