Plating an OHV-titled bike in New Mexico?


I have a 2008 CRF230F that I was planning on upgrading with required equipment and plating for occasional highway riding. 


Met a guy on the trail and he said that starting in 2008 titles for a bike like mine are marked "Off Highway." Sure enough, mine has that under vehicle class.


He said the only option would be to get it titled in AZ or CO where they do not enforce this restriction, then bring the title back to NM and they would issue a new title without that restriction.


This is very disappointing. Can anyone discuss my options, if any, and what would be involved in the the AZ / CO approach?



I'm in NM and I was thinking about doing that with an 07 RMZ450. Mine has the off-highway label also. The best option that I can think of is to move the title to my uncle in CO and then get it labeled for highway and then transferring back. Of course, you have to pay tax in both directions. The better option may be to sell and buy a bike that is street legal. I have not found any better options myself.

Sorry to better answer your question, I think you have to transfer title to a resident of that state. So you find a friend or someone on TT to help you out

I talked to a title company and they stated that NM will not plate any bike that has EVER been titled "Off Highway".


It looks like the easiest workaround is getting a VT plate which can be done completely by mail for out-of-state addresses:


Since I have a title I am working a variation of this. PM me for notes on the process.


It takes time and money but appears doable and fully legal. The VT state form even has helpful tips for out-of-state residents. This is a revenue generation technique for them.

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Interesting. Now, they say that they will never title a vehicle that had ohv on it, but I was told that there is not a way for them to tell. So I think as long as you get a new title from a state that does not do ohv, you should be in the clear

But no guarantee on that

They can tell from the VIN the bike 'status'.



If you ride a bikre registered in VT, New Mexico will expect you to also have a VT drivers license. So if the local police pull you over, they may let you slide the first time but no doubt within 30 days, they will expect a NM registration or a VT drivers license from you. You cannot be a 'switch hitter'.

I plan to convert back to NM once I have the VT registration and plate. 


VT does not title bikes less than 300 cc's. But I talked to a local dealer and he says the VT registration will cancel out the NM title.


So I should be able to take the VT registration and plate to NM MVD and get an NM title, registration, and plate. He stated that all the states have to honor this process.


We shall see. I will update as I go.

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Nope. VT wants a VT licensed inspection station to confirm the bike has required safety equipment.

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