? for the jetting guy's?

That is why this forum is great. :D We all share our experience and that way we spend more time riding and less time talking to the dealer mechanics who are generally not willing or not capable to tell you everything unless you bring them a case of beer.:D Keep your beer ( or beer money) for you and your buddies and use this forum! :)

I tried a 165mj 48pj red#5 in and it didn't run as well as the 168 45 red#5(which I've change back to and will run this until it heats up around here).

What I found out in this whole exercise is that the main jet and pilot are not the cause of the surging. I believe the needle is the cause. The blue gives you the worse case over the red. The 48 pilot is not an option unless you have very good air movement through the engine i.e. intake and exhaust. The red5 168 45 works for me, but I would try a lot leaner jetting at higher alt.

I think the surging is right at the end of the straight section of the needles, where the straight ends and tapers start. My bike still surges a little and I have accepted that this is the way it’s going to be. I am disappointed in the needles as the 70+ price tag led me to believe it was plug and play with no hassles and more comprehensive setup advise. The setup for me, on the very basic work sheet supplied by JD, is 170 blue 4 which is very close to what I have 168 red5, but the surging on the blue needle is bad enough that I can’t understand anyone wanting to use it unless you are in really cold conditions or on the gas all the time without ever wanting to cruise.

I think once more guys start riding their new bikes, when it warms up, I believe those who bought the JD kit are going to be asking these same questions.

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