'01 Power valve solenoid ?

I checked my power valve solenoid a while back, and it was seized. I tried to free it up, and it broke, so I have been running my bike without it. Should I be running a working solenoid on the bike for optimum performance, or can I just run it without??? Do I need to do anything to the carb such as re-jetting, or change/plug the power jet with the solenoid removed???

Are you referring to the solenoid on the carb? If so, thats the power jet and you can run without it just fine, just pay attention to your jetting and do some plug reading.

no......I am referring to the POWERVALVE solenoid, above the pv. Not the power jet solenoid on the carb. HOWEVER. The PV solenoid does work in conjunction with the PV, and the TPS. From what I have being searching through, none of the carb electrical connections should be unplugged, as they also have to do with ignition timing

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