Wheel height and width affect handling?

So I've heard that wheel size, both height and width have an affect on handling.

So if I go from an 18" rear wheel to a 19" rear wheel, what happens? I heard it makes the bike more stable, but is there a trade off?

My bike handles amazingly and is incredibly nibble, and I'm curious as to how big of a difference switching to a 19" will make.

The bike is a 2011 Ktm 150xc.

A 19'' tyre will have less side wall flex but leaves the rim open to more damage than an 18'' wheel. 18'' tyres have a higher sidewall. Both wheels are about the same overrall size with the tyre fitted.

a 19 will in general be slightly more stable in corners, have slightly less traction OR be easier to pinch flat, and slightly less unsprung weight.

Go with 18".

Thanks guys, I'm definitely going to get another 18"

The 19" wheel allows the bike to rev faster. That is why MX bikes went to the 19" rear to begin with. Conversely, the 18" wheel adds a little more flywheel effect.

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