Ktm XC 19" rear wheel question

Has anyone ever put a 19" rear wheel on their XC or XCW model bike? I have a 2011 150xc and I need new wheels, but the rear wheel comes in a 19" for 265$ or an 18" for 560$ It's over double the price to get an 18" wheel. I'm liking the 19" wheels price MUCH better! So has anyone ever run a 19" wheel on their XC model bike? A 150 in particle? Thanks!!

is this a complete wheel or just the rim? You can also buy a used wheel from a KTM from early 90s to now and it will fit.

Im not sure I would trust a multi decade old wheel assembly on my state of the art two wheeled offroad machine. I dont personally run a 19" on my bike but you would have absolutely no issues doing so.

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you can get a complete tusk wheel and hub set for $499 front and back. rocky mountain

that's up to you what you trust, I was only stating the fact that they all fit his bike and thusly can be found cheap due to the quantity out there.

I have a spare 19" rear that I use on my 300 xcw, 2011.  Works ok for MX, just don't use a high profile tire or it will hit the fender on big landings. 

It's a complete wheel. I wadded my rear wheel. I've found an 18" warp 9 complete wheel for 380$ and around here a lot of guys swear by them, so I'm probably just going to get this wheel instead of a 19"

I would just get a new rim and re-lace my hub into it. A new rim is much cheaper than a new wheel.

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