WR 450 Starter cluch

I know this has been beat to death but here we go again. After reading all the forms on the starter failures decided to check out mine. I have not had any problems with the starter sense I got the bike, its starts every time. Well, anyway I took off the starter idler gear cover and found my outer case was cracked "see pic." I never noticed or heard any problems with my starter and I'm unsure on how long this item has been cracked it just started ever time. ya ya I know you've heard this all before, but have you checked your yet? I recommend that you do. Lucky for me my dealer is going to fix the problem because of my low miles "200 miles total." If you can't get it fixed for free you have two options. Option one would be the cheap fix, remove the starter gears and broken parts and kick start your bike from now on. Option two would be to buy all the 2004 parts at a tune of around $400.00. Option three HAVE YAMAHA TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND FIX THE DESIGN FLAW.

2003 wr450 ,powernow, promoto insert, zip ty, all free mods, mj-160 pj-48 3 turns on fuel screw P1300001.JPG

hey that looks familar :D Mine broke in the same spot and i had no previous problems either.I just pulled the cover and same it was broken.

I went with option 1 and removed the e-start.The bike lost 12lbs and i'll never go back to e-start until i sell the bike. :)

I went to my dealer and they are going to try and get me the parts for their cost at least.

O4 starter upgrade will solve this backfire break of the case. Something has to give if it is not the woodruff key.

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