Clutch Friction Plate thickness spec question

What is the Clutch Friction Plate thickness spec for a 2001 KTM520 EXC?


Trying to find the wear limit and correct order.


On my 2002 520 EXC the spare parts manual shows the "lining disks" (item #3 in the manual) to be 1.8mm or 0.0708" thick. The "intermediate disks" called for are in two sets of four with each set being a different thickness. The group of four (item #4 in the manual) that are centrally located in the stack are 1.4mm or 0.055" thick, while the remaining four (item #25 in the manual) are given at 1mm or 0.0394" with two stacked on either end. Minimum length of springs is given at 41.5mm or 1.63" with new given at 43mm or 1.693". Wear limit organic minimum is given 1.70mm or 0.067". Minimum height of disk package 18.3mm or 0.713" with new being given at 20.2mm or 0.788". I'm not sure if this is the same for your machine, but I hope this is some help to you.

KTM did mix n match the plates in the early motors like this, so be sure you get the right "kit" for your bike, its a common problem to order and get the wrong set.

Thanks for the help guys.

Is there a link to download manuals?

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