Tires for the nor-cal winter season on a 500exc

I was thinking mt 43. But an old pro said he was taking the mt43 off for the season. I forgot to ask hum what he was putting back on in its place. Any sugestions. Dosen't have to be dot. We ride foresthill, Stoneyford, arnold, Gold note.. Penny pines...etc. 

I am riding the Parelli as well as 3 of my buddies now…..and we are all very happy.  Don't even consider another knobby unless you expect to me in a lot of mud.  Sand doesn't even bother me that much anymore…….still is fast and I like the way it feels loose in the sand…..just go WFO!

The stock dot that came with it were not great the rear burned up quick. I expected it on the 500 the front is not very predictable either. No real heavy mud. I am thinking the mt43 pirelli. I see some posts about the pirelli xcmh or xcms. Any experiance. I had some maxxis IT's intermediate on my crf 450 those were pretty good. Thanks for the feedback.

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