2014 FC/FE 350

Anyone ridden either the FC or FE 350 off road and moto? How does it feel power wise and weight wise? How hard is it to find aftermarket parts for it?



almost all KTM accessories fit, tons of stuff available.

Some models of exhaust have different heat shields and mounts from what I was told. FE's have plastic sub frames w/air box. We have a FE 250 and it feels the same as the 250xcf-w. Using this assumption the FE350 would feel like the 350xcf-w which I rode and was soft on power. Motor wise the FC is the same as the xc which I also rode and was a fun bike in the woods.

Liked the FC motor but not the chassie (for woods) Loved the FE chassie but feel that the motor is a bit weak for all but the really techie stuff. I went with a brand new -14 FE450 30hours now and I am super happy with my choice.

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