2008 ktm 505 xcf in need of a rebuild?

I have a 2008 505 xcf that i bought in June and have put about 20-25 hours on it. i had the valves adjusted and a new cam chain tensioner put on about 10 hours ago. I just had the clutch replaced about 2 hours ago. Let me start by saying i have no idea what the total hours on the motor is. it has been to the KTM shop multiple time and they haven't noticed any serious issues as of late. I myself only do trail riding and no racing. Anyway, the first ride after the new clutch, i found myself on a very rocky road. for about 2-4 miles, it was all 1st and 2nd gear, very slow and dodging a lot of big rock and water crossings and such. (it was like a freaking enduro course).i opened her up whenever i could but it probably wasn't enough. I ended up turning back as the conditions werent improving. on they way back however, i could tell that she was getting hot because it was laboring a bit and running bad. I stopped about 3 times each about 15-20 minutes to let her cool down. I did notice a bit of coolant dripping every once and while i thing out of the breather tube? to be honest i don't know for sure. finally got out of that crap and got to the main road and got some good air running through. Everything seemed fine, loaded up and went home. now on today's ride, i noticed an unusual (and new to me) noise coming from the engine, i think. the best way i can explain it is it was a rhythmic whining. Meaning, at least to me, that the noise was associated with the turning of the engine if that makes sense. i could faintly hear it when just idling but could really hear it when cruising at low RPMs in 2nd 3rd or 4th gear.  What could this be??? when riding, i would put my head down on the right side of the bike to listen, now this is where my clutch cover is, could it be something with the clutch even though i just had it replaced?


I really don't know a whole heck of a lot about these so any input will be appreciated.

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I'd be suspicous of your clutch, because it's just been done, but the other thing is your water pump, some guys had a seal put in backwards an the shaft of their impeller grooving.

I remember switching my 505 from regular coolant, too engine ice, and taking my water pump cover off an I think I turned a seal around can't remember for sure though. Here's something I cut & pasted from another poster.



Some things I have discovered while replacing water pump seals on my 505. First, I use compressed air to "pop" the outer seal out. Put your air chuck into the weep hole and presto, the seal comes out undamaged.

Second, I was in a pinch and my bike was leaking water like crazy. I used the aforementioned method to remove the outer seal, and I turned the seal around (spring side out). My bike developed a groove in the water pump drive shaft and a new seal would not have fixed the leak. I have been riding the bike like this for a couple of weeks now and have not had any other issues.
On a side note, I have also found that running Dex cool at a 60/40 mix helps my bike run cooler than it did with engine ice and is more economical too.

These KTM's will gorf coolant if you overfill the rads too. They like to be well below the filler neck.

I still only got only around a 100 hrs on mine, an figured I was due for a top-end, but then I read in a magazine some guys got 150-200 hours on theirs, I don't know if thats without rings or not, but it made my braver. Still I think I would like to put new rings in it. Hard to tell about yours though since you don't know the history.

All I've done is shim the oil-pump, cam-chain tensioner, replaced a cracked ignition cover, coolant, R&D Power Pump-2 adjustable leak jet in the carb, air filters, an lots an lots of back tires.

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