2013 250 excf fuel injection - idling issue

Hi everyone,

My engine sometimes won't settle back to idle, sometimes it will. This happens when just rolling/easing off the throttle for engine braking and at idle. It doesn't get stuck at high revs, it's just above the normal idle.


If normal idle speed is about 2100rpm, I would estimate it to stick at about 2500/2800 ish.
It causes me a particular problem when riding down steep hills with loose surfaces.... I want to go slow on a closed throttle, but it doesn't!

The throttle cables are all free and there's sufficient play. The throttle snaps back to closed under its return spring but the engine idles too high and pulls the bike along.

Any ideas where to start please? This is the first fuel injection dirt bike I have owned. I've had RFS bikes for the last eleven years.

The bike has only done about 8 hours & 170 miles. It has been stood unused for about a year and still had the original factory fuel in the tank. The fuel looked blue! I've cleaned out the fuel tank and the above miles have all been done on new clean fuel. Could this blue fuel have effected/fouled up the injector?


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I got the same probelm with my 250 sx-f 2011. it also got bad power at low RPM. Could it be a air leak, or is this more of a common injector problem?

Hi Meljford,


My bike is running properly now. It was making good power for a 250 4t. Have you checked the valve clearances on your bike?

I took out the throttle body and cleaned the injector like this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw3S9wWSU_4

Double checked the free play in the throttle cables. Fitted a new micro filter.

Whilst checking things I noticed the air filter wasn't seated correctly... although I wouldn't have thought this would effect the running of the engine?

All's well now thanks.

I swear, that is not the proper way to clean your injector...


Find a tuner and increase idle fuel by 5% then lower rpm to 1950-2000rpm...


Thats your whole problem, KTM made it too lean and it needs to be increased

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