New to Dirtbikes...not so new to Sportbikes

Hey everyone!!! New dirtbike rider here in Northeast PA region! Been roadracing for over 9 years, streetriding for over 18 years, and offroad riding for just a little over a month. Picked up quite the project. Little did I know at the time that this 2002 YZ 125 was going to need a full teardown and rebuild but after riding one weekend the motor crapped out on me. After a top end rebuild I took her back out only to discover I had some serious tranny issues (hard shifting, getting caught between gears, and a good deal of knocking from the gearbox). So now I have her completely apart and waiting for parts. I figured while I'm at it I might as well do it right and strip her right down to the frame. Just cleaned and sandblasted it yesterday so she'll be getting a proper powdercoat of satin black this evening. I'd be happy to share the progress pics but this is what I have so far. I've learned much but I have much to learn.












A few missing teeth...









10721027_10204407507299578_1378866535_n_ other love (besides my kids of course).....








and lastly, I thought this meme was almost poetic, lol...





great job... love watching the progress of complete restorations!

Frame powdercoated. Now on to the motor rebuild and reassembly. It's not going to be a total restore as I want to get it together and salvage what riding season I have left before cold weather sets in. But at least I have the frame done. The rest can be worked on, cleaned up or replaced over the winter.



new bearings and service your suspension, and your bike will be fresh. good choice on your first new mx bike btw.

Congrats, I came off of superbikes as well and felt the transition into motocross difficult, I feel it's much easier going from mx to sbk then vice versa. I still catch myself leading with my head from time to time.  For awhile I felt I wasn't able to grip the bike properly either.  I only practice on tracks now no trails for me, I totally love it at age 37.

Enjoy my friend I get to practice way more now for a lot less and completely appreciate how physically demanding mx is over sbk in my opinion. 

Good luck with the project! 

OK. one week later and here's the progress so far...


Since this is a budget build and my funds are running low I've decided to make do with the parts I currently have on hand. I just tried to clean up as much as I could.


Most importantly though, I changed out all of the wheel bearings, shock, linkage and swingarm bearings so now the chassis is pretty much sound. I will eventually do the steering head bearings but for right now they're not too bad.












Waiting for the UPS truck to arrive today with my 3rd Gear Wheel. Then I'll wrap up the motor.




This ended up being a project in and of itself but it sure helped out pressing all the bearings in.



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