Roost Deflectors & Protective Jackets - What's your favorite and why?

Looking for some input on protective jackets.

I sweat a ton when I ride, so something with good airflow is important...but I also crash a lot, so protection is equally important.

In the past two years I've used the Thor Impact Rig, which was decent but didn't breathe all that well and both straps to the chest plates broke.

Currently using the Fox Titan Sport Jacket and it also fails to really breathe well, also the extra support belt keeps coming undone, like the Velcro just isn't strong enough.


On both, the zippers went to crap when riding without a jersey over top. Even if you spray them down very well.


Any thoughts on the Alpinestars Bionic Pro Jacket?


What do you wear and does it breathe well while still offering enough protection?



I just have old junk. Interested in trying the armor thing, so I'll be watching this thread. Anyone tried the evs?

I about never crash. Not because I'm good, but because I'm slow. I need to get my left shoulder covered up good. I've got good street garb, because I ride to work year round. Mesh street jacket is cool into mid 70's with liners removed. When it gets hot, I dump the safety gear, but always have helmet, boots and gloves. I think uncomfortable is unsafe.

Their newest Crossover vest is heavily ventilated, and offers chest/side protection like my snocross race vest.
They work. :prof:
Freestyle's got armor on the back, where the Crossover just has a panel to hold its shape.  Crossover's built for airflow under a pack.
Race vest offers the most protection, but it's also the warmest.  I can't wear mine in the summer.
Freestyle, with optional shoulder pads
Race vest for ... racing. :smirk:



Crossover and my race vest






Crash-tested multiple times, they work. :smirk:





Good pics snowmule! Do you not wear any arm protection? 

 I wear a cheap mesh top with armor in it, back shoulders chest and upper arm/elbow forearm; pretty hot in 70 degrees +. Reasonably protective for low speed offs but trees still hurt a lot.

I use the Titan sleeveless, I don't find its too hot, i use "soft" protection on my arms

Do you not wear any arm protection?


Paintball elbow pads under my jersey.

Enough to prevent road-rash on most tip-overs and tehy're comfortable enough to wear all day long (which is something I can't say about any of the hard-plastic MX elbow guards i've ever tried).



I just got a alpine star A-8 and love it. alp_14_def_a8_roo-blk.jpg

All the above mentioned/shown look to be way hotter than the mesh jackets with armor.

Really looking for something that breathes extremely well.

Anyone running separate chest/back and elbow protection have any input?

All the above mentioned/shown look to be way hotter than the mesh jackets with armor.

Really looking for something that breathes extremely well.

Anyone running separate chest/back and elbow protection have any input?

The last time I rode with the Crossover vest, I was chilly on my way home.  It breathes surprisingly well.

Run it on the looser side to get more airflow, or cinch it down to keep some heat in.  I've ridden comfortably up to about 100°F with my Freestyle on.


I tried a few of the mesh all-in-one (shoulder/chest/elbow/forearm) pressure suits and I can't do it.  Uncomfortable and restrictive.

'Airflow' What's that? I ride like a coward and don't get much airflow 'til I hit the tarmac sections! I tried the courageous stuff but it still hurts from 2013 ;o) I don't recall it hurting at all 35 years ago when I chucked the last bike (Maico 400) down the track, strange that.

Ground got harder, Richard. So did the pavement :lol:

Ground got harder, Richard. So did the pavement :lol:

There you are then, knew it wasn't my fault :o)

Fox pro frame with Avila hydrapak zip tied. On my second one. Lost first one left it somewhere while loading.

Girlfriend uses zac speed n loves it. Zac feels heavy n bulky to me

I'm really happy with my new Fly stingray ready to ride hydration pack/roost guard. It protects your chest/shoulders from roost as well as serving as a 2 liter water pack with plenty of room for tools/snacks/phones/etc.. Fits well and adjusts easily. You can remove the roost guard and wear the pack alone if you'd like too which is nice for hikes or whatever else.



Look up 661 pressure suits. If they're good enough to take a hit on them horrible rock gardens in downhill, they should help you bounce without breaking on the track.

Had one of those.  Fit comfortably around the house, but as soon as I started riding, it rode up on my back, back protector hit my helmet, pinched under my arms, kidney belt was uncomfortable as all hell... nope.

Just found a Leatt Air Fit at local discount store (they get Amazon returns) for $149. Gonna try it. I can return it in 30 days. Seems nice. Replacement for chest protector?... I dunno... Covers everything a chest protector and elbow guards would except for the sides of the ribs. Hmmm

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Worth the money. :prof:





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