Brake pads for 98-99 DR350SE DR350

I just got a 98 DR350SE with 6000 miles on it. My front brake was a bit spongy, and I just changed the fluid which was obviously the first time it was ever changed since new. The brake is no longer spongy, but it doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much stopping power as I would expect. The rotor looks fine, and the pads have a lot of life yet, but I have no reason to believe they have ever been changed.


So the question is: Should I change the pads, and if so, should I use the stock pads or are there better aftermarket pads for the bike. I'm pretty much a dry weather rider riding a 65/35 mix of road and dirt.


Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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definately change the pads.

i doubt aftermarket is better than OEM

Changing out the pads is not a bad idea but, FWIW, this model has pretty crappy brakes. If you're coming to the DR350 from any sort of modern street bike you're likely to be disappointed by the brakes.

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