Smooth Operation

What do you guys do to get an easy, smooth clutch and throttle?

Route the cables so they do not bind or have any sharp turns. Also I replace them at the first sign of stiffness. Dont have time for less than perfect cables.

Hydraulic clutch is amazing!!!! But yeah for cable clutches, like the post above said. Route them properly so there's no binding, and replace them frequently. Cables are usually under 20$ for me either online or thru a shop, just make sure you get the exact year and model, makes it so much easier to install.

Motion pro throttle setup helped my bike a lot (clapped out '92 yz250). I actually whiskey throttled first ride with the new throttle setup.

And a new clutch cable also helped greatly.

If you're talking about smooth technique: get a 2 stroke. You'll be super smooth on the clutch and throttle in no time.

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