charging system

I have a 2001 drz s recently I had a dead battery tried replacing the wires from the regulator helped a little now I get 13.4 volts to the battery but when the fan comes on it drops to 13v is this normal or do I have a bad stator /rectifier  

Normal. Look at the amperage the fan draws, on its label. Anything above 12.6 is going to charge the battery, 13.2-13.4 is desirable. The fan is the highest draw aside from the headlight I believe.

at 5k RPM you should see 13.5 or more, no more than 15v on a DRZ in working order...


With a good wiring, free power mod, working stator and R/R  you should see 14.2v~14.5v or so at anything above idle ... less means something is not as good as it can be, or downright broken..


a AGM battery needs 12.8 or better to charge... more important at the initial set up charge, but cited by manufacturers as  13.0 ~14.5 as "normal" powersports charging system voltages 

A DRZ with a charging voltage of 12.6 is broken and needs repair....and no it's not charging an AGM battery in any useful way at that point. 

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