needle valve seat not replaceable!

uh oh, '06 WR-F I was easily able to extract the valve seat but the new one I bought is different, it has an o-ring, a nut shaped bottom and a diameter thats larger. I just spoke to the seller and he tells me the one I removed is not serviceable and unavailable anywhere! an internet search seems to back up his claim!

any ideas????? Keihin FCR- MX37 

  • Sudco
  • Parts Warehouse Carb Parts
  • Jets R Us

All sell it.


It is not a OEM part in most cases. Though... KTM dealers seem to be able to get stuff like this, if it is a good dealer.

I did a bad bad thing. after getting off the phone with sudco and a VERY helpful JD jetting, its confirmed that this '06 valve seat is a non-serviceable part that is available only through keihin in japan, but they won't sell it to you. best advise they could give was start looking for a new carburetor! ( and do a little research before you start pulling out parts)  :facepalm:

Can't you re-grind the seat you have?


They do it in plumbing all the time.

don't I wish!  no, I drilled it out to screw in a hanger bolt to extract it.  and I thought I was so clever! :rolleyes:


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