The bike is completely stock.  I am having a problem sliding the front wheel in the corners with no burms.  Probably the rider.  Anyway it's a new bike with original tires mx51's  and the suspensions hasn't been touched not even the clickers.   Any suggestions to help the front end out at all?  Any suggestions would really appreciate it.

Dr D engine relocate kit

Read up on the net for the '10-'13 issues, there is quite a bit as far as handling remedies.


Oh, and toss the Dunlops. Imo

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First, and most importantly, what is your rear race sag setting? All the clickers and fork height and everything else is secondary to getting proper race sag: http://www.tootechracing.com/suspension_tips.htm

not to steal the thread but I'm sure this info could come in helpful to the poster yamalink do you have any recommendations for a good sag number for the 2010-2012 I run 108mm but admit I'm not the best at setting up a bike or even feeling small suspension changes. It seems like people run higher than normal sag numbers with this generation bike.

108 is in the right range.  Most settle on numbers between 105-115

My sag is set around 110

I have a set of mx52's coming.  Is there a better tire to get then those?

Personally haven't tried the MX52's. Not a Dunlop fan since they dropped my all time fav D752's. I prefer the Bridgestone M403/404 combo for SoCal MX.

I raised my forks about 6mm up and sag at 105mm after getting the correct spring rates for my 6'2" 315 lb frame and love it. Everybody that's rode it says they cant believe how well it corners including a couple of local x pro riders. And I run in the vet intermediate class here in Idaho with some trail riding thrown in there.

I have a 13 yz450 and to make my bike corner better i changed the fork oil and dropped it to 325 cc and put them 5 mm up in the triples and i am running 5 clicks of compression and i weigh about 195 with no gear.  That was the single best thing i did to help my cornering besides putting a rekluse on my bike.  that helped a ton.

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