My sons big birthday surprise!

My son's 8th birthday was yesterday and we surprised him with a new(to him) KX65. He had a 50 and had been asking for a 65 for a few months but I told him he had to wait until at least Christmas, so he had no idea he was getting it. Seeing the expression on his face was the best feeling in the world!




Quick little video:



That's awesome!  The look on his face is priceless.  

the jealousy is strong in a few of those photos :smirk:

That's awesome!!!! Looks like he is already enjoying the bike. His face was definitely priceless. 

That boy is fired up !!   and so is dad,  good job dad !!   Oh, 125 is next.


Thanks guys, he is a great kid and definitely deserved it. I have to say, as a parent, there is nothing that makes you happier than seeing your kids happy(as I'm sure many of you already know!). I'm looking forward to making many great memories with him and his new bike.

Arctic Pride, you are correct sir, I caught a few people eyeballin the bike hard....and a few of them were other dads!

This is awesome, reminds me of the day we picked up my daughters PW-50.  All my brothers and most my neighbors were quite jealous.


Wow that was a good photographer to capture those moments with the camera!! Good on you for doing this for your son. :ride:

You're a great dad, I was once in the same boat as a kid. It's all I ever wanted my whole life and I was convinced for years it wasn't happening. Randomly one christmas my brother and I had no presents and my sister had a ton. After throwing a spoiled ass tantrum (cmon, they set me up for that one), we came to realize there were two xr100's waiting in the garage hahaha. 


That was a life changing moment for me and I am still thankful to this day. It wasn't the two stroke race bike i was drooling over, but nonetheless, it was a damn dirt bike. That's a sweet bike you got your son, and best of all, sounds like he deserved it!


And to clarify, you're not a great dad for buying your kid something nice, but for turning his dream into a reality. Good job!

Good work dad. I could only dream of getting a bike like that (or any bike) as a kid so i can understand why he looks so stoked.

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So how is he enjoying his bike?

He has been riding(here at the house in the field) every day after school this week and is getting better everyday. He is doing really good with the clutch and is starting to get a feel for the snappiness of the 2 stroke. Now that he is starting to open the throttle up a lot more, I'm going to remove the washer from the exhaust and see how he does. We're going to the track tomorrow, can't wait to see how he does there!



(click on to watch)


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Awesome! I can't wait to do something like this when my daughter gets to riding age!

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