1984 XR250 front fork rebuild roadblock!

I have just finished a complete tear down, ( motor and all) of this 1984 XR250 R.  I only have the front forks left to rebuild, but I can not get the bolt out the bottom of the fork to release the dampening shaft.  This is making it imposible to remove and replace the Oil seals on the forks.  I hit it with an impact with the forks assembled like the book says and after the impact worked at it for a bit it loosened just enough to spin internally.  By the looks of the fork oil that came out, the fork has never been apart and the bolt may have rusted to the inner workings.  Do I need to drill out the bolt head to get them apart?





You most likely need something to hold the inner damper from spinning as you turn the bottom bolt. Look down in the fork tube to see what kind of tool is used to hold it. Later XRs use a castelated tool. You can make one out of PVC pipe.

A crude way to do the job would be to carefully jam a long flat blade screwdriver down between the inner wall of the fork tube and the damper.

you can also reassemble the fork, spring intact and use the force of the spring to create tension on the inner bolt and use your impact.

If the spring trick doesn't work, those forks have a female hex opening on the top of the damper rod. I have a piece of threaded rod with a nut welded on the end that I use to get the forks apart. IIRC its a 3/4" nut.

I will look in the fork to see if there is a hex inside the tube. I had done what the book said and left it assembled, but the bike is 30yrs old and the oil looked original. My guess is the bolt was sitting in water and crud. I am hoping with a long bolt and my impact, I can get it. Thank you all!

Seem to remember pulling the forks down, like its on a trailer, and then undoing, on older honda's.

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