carb cleaning on a xr 600r

I have purchased a 1999 xr 600r. runs good except when i roll the throttle (CUTS OUT AND SPUTTERS).

the carb # is PD KEIHIN 8AFBNA7. when I look up the parts it gives me different numbers. the last number on the Bikes' serial# is 500115.


Just neeed some guidance.





Not sure what you are looking for, instruction on cleaning the carb or help with parts? It sounds like a clogged main jet or emulsion tube.

i'm in the process of cleaning the carb. got on utube and found a video on how to clean and inspect he carb. the numbers that i was referring to was in reference to the correct carb replacement part . i was wondering if i had a "A" carb or a "AC" carb or a "B" carb. what does the emulsion tube do? Thanks you for your reply. I really like my BRP!

The emulsion tube is the tube that the main jet screws into. It is brass and has little holes drilled in the sides of it. These little holes tend to get clogged with crud. Depending what manual you look at this can be refered to by a few different names like needle jet or jet holder.

I did not know however when I disassembled I did take a set of cutting torch tip cleaners to the holes as they we clogged.

I can see that the main jet is a 162 I am going to get a 165 jet and needle. 65 on the idle. I mainly ride around Gonzales, Texas. I think the chart I googled looked like it was correct. Not riding over 2000' elev.

Is this correct?

Thank you for the definition.

I really enjoy talking and learning. Maybe the other way around.

Need to replace choke plate with XRs only before the stock one gets sucked into motor!

Will do thanks!

Cleaned carb. Took advice. Starts and idles no problem. Thanks to everyone!!

Congrats,  Carbs are a PITA for me anyways happy riding

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