my friend has just bought a new husaberg really nice bike but whilst i was having a go i was obviously impressed with the bike in all areas really but one thing that i noticed was the braking a world apart from my crf so i am of the opinion i need an o/s rotor and some stainless hoses any one got a non standard set up or can you recommend a good rotor ,or caliper set up thanks all i was even toying with the idea of grafting a big ktm 525 brembo set up on the crf ....

A SS hose will firm up the lever because of less hose flex from the hydraulic pressure.

There is a wide range of friction among the different pads, almost 2 to 1, but the high friction pads can be very grabby at low speeds so while providing a light lever pull they are not good for trail riding on low friction surfaces.  I think OEM pads provide the best and smoothest operation.

chuck what do you think aboutthe standard brakes i have to say i do feel that they are bad i just feel they can be so much better we have some reallly long steep down hills here and you can be going down them for minutes on end dragging the brakes so i was thinking about heat build up and rake fade in the hotter months as being the reason also stopping faster is always a good thing

start with a different compound pad, stock rotor. you may find what you are looking for in just a pad change. I changed out to an EBC compound a while back, forgot which one but I like the increased sensitivity. +1 on the braided front line.

My X has great brakes; front is one-two fingers for all trail riding conditions, rear seems no different from my XRs. I have a Rekluse LHRB and can lock the rear with about the same lever pull as the front. Have you ridden a bike with cable drum brakes lately?


As I said in my previous post you can drastically change lever pull via aftermarket pads with a higher coefficeint of friction. But grabby brakes are a problem on low traction surfaces so I've switched back to OEM pads.  Where I ride there is red clay that get black rubber skid marks during the summer and then after a rain behaves like ice. :banghead:   YMMV

over the years i have used most types i usually go with the bigger disc and steel lines ,i have when i had the chance ran some 4 pot brembo's that was long b4 ktm started using them it was overkill and tricky to fit cos the caliper was so wide but i got it on my old 500 and it was brilliant but you had to tell your mates b4 they rode it otherwise you would have to pick them up ,i am thinking bigger disc i still use ebc brake pads i have the kevlar red /a green set soewhere too i have ridden many a year with cable pull drum brakes and i would not want to go back to that my xt ,xr my zed ,cb, mtx etc i will see whats availlable i am mostly riding natural terrain and for the most part big brakes are not neccessary but like i said some of the downhills are steep and long i will have to weigh up what i need with what will work better

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