Oil dripping from wr450 airbox?!?

After a few hours of fast dual-sport riding, I find an oily front swingarm & trace the dripping from the airbox, which has a puddle in the bottom of it. &%$#@!?!? Anyone else seen this happen?

I checked the archives for "oil airbox" and there is nothing. Any clues would be appreciated.

Catfish ...

You sure it's not oil from the airfilter?

You got water and oil mix in your air box. Just drain the air box and everything should be OK. Check that you dont have a leaky counter shaft sprocket seal.

The fluid I drained from the bottom of the airbox was definitely a light-colored oil, and didn't *seem* to have any noticable amount of water in it. The wetness on the front/top of the swingarm was the same oil.

After cleaning everything up & doing a couple more long, hard DS rides, it has not repeated itself. I'm guessing now that it was my over-abundant air-filter oiling back in December, but it must take several days of riding before the excess finally worked its way to the bottom of the airbox & overflowed out the bottom of the opening for the sidecover. WOW that was a lot of oil though!!!

Catfish ...

You are right on. It is just filter oil. :)

i think you will eventually find that the oil in your air box originated from your crank case vent hose , high rpm's can produce high crankcase pressure forcing oil vapour out the vent hose , it would be more likely to happen if you had over filled your crank case . does your vent hose run to the air box ?

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