Tall rider issues

So, I've recently bought a new YZ450F 2015 and so far im really happy with it, especially since im coming from a 250 kxf. The new bikes rides great and im especially loving the kyb suspension. However, because im a tall guy (193cm/ 6'33 ft) im having some issues with the foot peg height. When sitting on the bike my legs is almost 90 degrees which makes standing and sitting quite tiresome in the long run. I've already put a 28mm (1.1 inches) handle bar riser which made a BIG difference but I'd still like to know whether or not there is some after market solution for lowering the foot pegs a bit. I've been reading a bit about the Fastway foot pegs but i'd like to know if someone has used them and if they truly make any difference =)

I would also like some feedback on this. Got risers on the way for mine now. Just bought a 450. First bike so it pretty much kicked my ass first day on a track

You can get a taller seat as well.  There is something out there for lowering the foot pegs.  I am not sure of what it is called.

I am 6'1" with super long legs and arms (I have a 6'7" wing span that that mirrors my legs, I know, I am a freak, haha) and a short torso.  Size 12 boots.  I have run the gamut from bar risers, taller bend bends, tall seat foam, lowered fastway pegs, rearward moved MSR pegs (no drop).  I have come to the conclusion that the more you start "opening up" the cockpit, the more difficult it is to get over the front of the bike (especially when turning) and allows the rider to be less compact.


My current sol'n, and the one I am most happy with, is running a Hammerhead Shifter with a +10mm tip and a Hammerhead brake lever with the pedal moved all the way forward (getting those out of the way of feet), and the bar mounts in a neutral position (I have been on KTMs with the adjustable triple clamps for a the past couple of years).


Maybe not the right answer for all, but another way to address the problem.

I'm tall too at 6'2" and ride a 125. I've found you just have to work with it. I'd like to experiment with my bars soon but i just learned how to get comfortable. I was also told you can use you're height and long legs to your advantage by being able to shift your weight further back/forward on the bike. It really does work to your advantage, for example getting way back on the bike going into whoops.

I bought a kx last year because I've been there and read up on what tall guys liked.

6'2" 12 kx with. Fastway pegs and tall seat foam. I run my bars forward and cram my size 12 feet in to the smaller size 11 alpinestars so I don't deal with the huge 12 and up soles.

Only other bike that felt as comfy was an 01 cr250 2t back 01-03 with modified lowered pegs and tall seat.

"Dealing with it" puts you at a disadvantage.

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The fastway pegs lower 1/2" and move them back 1/2" also.  Doesn't seem like a lot but makes a huge difference.  But like the other dude said.  You can really change the handling characteristics of the bike with small changes like this.  For off road I prefer the lower pegs but prefer a more stock set up for MX.

Does anyone have any input about spring rates? I just bought a 08 yz450f. It's my first dirtbike and I'm pretty much runnin on research for the suspension set up. I'm 6'3" and. Have a 6.4 and a .54 ordered for the shock and forks. I weigh in at 230 without gear... Anyone have any input

I bought a set of Touratech footpegs and they should be here by the end of the week.  They lowered 1/2".  Also got some bar spacers.  My Husky TXC310 is extremely cramp compared to my YZ250 and I just can't take it any longer.  Feels like I am riding a kids bike with my knees in my lap.  I tried the "just deal with it" and now my hip is suffering.  After one lap of a harescramble I am in pain and every time I need to lift my leg off the peg or stand it is painful.  When I stand up I am hunched over so there is no relief sitting or standing.

Does anyone have any input about spring rates? I just bought a 08 yz450f. It's my first dirtbike and I'm pretty much runnin on research for the suspension set up. I'm 6'3" and. Have a 6.4 and a .54 ordered for the shock and forks. I weigh in at 230 without gear... Anyone have any input



This will give you an idea of what you may need for spring weights:



Just be aware that is you ride on soft dirt/sand, lowering the pegs will increase the odds of catching a foot and twisting knees and ankles in ruts. Tall seats also raise your center of gravity which makes turning more difficult.


I'm 6'-6" and I have tried tall seats, bars, lowboy pegs, etc. After extensive testing I've settled in with Renthal Carmichael "High" bars rotated slightly forward with stock seats and pegs. 

I'm 6'7" and ride a 2012 CRF450.  I run Kevin Windham Pro Taper bars with the bar mounts shifted forward.  Most comfortable bike I've owned.  I've tried risers, but they actually bring the bars closer to the rider and make me feel cramped.  I'm building a CR250 woods bike.  I'm gonna try the Fastway pegs on it.  I'll see how it goes.


Good luck.

I am running the Pro Moto Billet Fastway Evo Air in the low position and that 3/8" really helps. It sounds like you also need the taller seat. I am only 6'1" so the lower pegs were enough to make the knees feel better at the end of a hard riding day.

6'2 220 here with a couple yz450fs. All stock trim and my 09 feels lighter and more spacious on the front end, my 11 seems bigger overall but doesn't make me tire out abnormally. I ride almost strictly tracks and have settled with the stock setups with the bars rolled a little forward and in the forward holes on the triple trees. On my 04 I had I tried lowering pegs and raising bars and didn't like how the handling changed. If I trail rode 100+ miles every weekend I would add all those parts again but for the track I don't mind being crammed on the bike

Thanks for all the replies, got something to think about for the next season for sure. 

I ride a ktm (obviously...), am 6'2" and fluctuate between 175-185. I tried the fastway pegs, they are nice. On my current bike, I have a set of woods high bend pro tapers, moved to the "almost" all the way forward position. I don't know if the yz-f has a ton of adjustability on the clamps, like the ktm and kawasaki bikes do. Apart from that, I don't fool around with the tall seats, I try to stand...plus it helps my speed. 


Good lawd....... can you all dunk a basketball?  Or just donuts?

Whats it like not to be able to touch the ground?

bar risers are the devil,

they put the bars closer to the pegs in addition to raising them and if you have long arms, you dont want any of this.





tall bars, forwards bar mounts

dropped and back pegs,

yes 1/4" does make a difference

tall seat,

bam you have a bike that fits someone taller than 5'10"

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