Overflow stumper!

Hi Guys,


Here is the situation.


I have a 2011 KTM 350SXF with 26 hrs on it. I race TORCS, and sometimes I can feel my bike getting a little warm while waiting to pass slower riders.


Anyway, I am facing an issue whereby I drained my radiator last week after it was recommend that I use Engine Ice since it is a lot better at keeping the engine a little cooler. So, I drained the fluid from the radiators using the very bottom bolt on the water pump. Drained all the old fluid, flushed it with water, replaced it with Engine Ice. Over the weekend I noticed it was spitting out fluid. Yesterday I changed the oil to check if the HG blew. No signs of water in the oil.


I refilled the radiator just over the fins. Ran it for 3 minutes and again it started spitting out fluid. This is not normal.


Any ideas WTF is going on?


Any help would be appreciated.







did you bleed the air out of the system after refilling it? If not then there may be air trapped in it.

Hi Mike,


I saw no instructions in the manual about bleeding the system. How do I do this?



No real need to bleed air... It would work its way out after 5 min...

Personally, I'd try a new cap. Borrow one and see if it improves.

I just tipped mine back and forth a bit to burp it while refilling mine?

Are you sure it's not just overfilled?

I looked at the radiator cap. I noticed that the rubber seal was not seated properly. I have reseated it. Tomorrow I will run it and report the results. Thanks guys.

there are usually bolts on top of the rads and head to let the air out

Hi Mike,


It's not the radiator cap. Still overflowing bad. I just check the service manual, and it does not show any bolts on either the head or the radiator to allow for bleeding. This is a 2011 350SXF.


Do you have any images or reference materials I can refer to?



Don't think the 350 has any

that could be that it does not have them, I have the older RFS and 2st KTMs, didn't know they eliminated the bleed screws.  Try a NEW cap. If that doesn't do it then it may have a combustion leak, or jetting is way lean.   Also, does this model have the in-line thermostat??

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