Crf 230 plastic design customization opinions?

Hello guys. I believe that everyone is in love with his bike.

In addition, many people spend money to customize their bike, in his "look" also.

There are many examples of this. I've seen some riders that modify their bike style, to make it a "special" one. So fit on your bike tanks and other different plastic models, modify and customize them. I played with my imagination and this summary pics of my mod bike line is just a game with my smartphone and a app .. It's just to encourage those who have good ideas about and wants to share his tastes ... show His drawings and modifications you've made.


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Example of project .. ( before and after picture).

(This is a graphic image manipulation only.)

Once you chose the desired plastic design, you switch to the practical phase implementation.

This phase will be based on the "model manufacturing", then the "Mother molds" and finally by the molds will come out the final "product"... ready for painting. :D



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Or from 05 crf230 stock look to a style like this in picture 2 ?

None out there would like to the personal style on their own bike?

Maybe you think that this is not possible to get?



ok crossplayer:


here is my custom plastic work.



What do you think daled, about my idea? I am trying to get a good design of my crf230 plastic and I would like to hear the views of other fans like me. Once choice the most elegant form, it will be my next mod, I I would like to build the parties, in fiberglass

(Right and left side shrouds And rear side pannels)

Today my graphic project has arrived at this point.


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