2011 KX250F bogging after mid air stall

When I accidently stall the bike midair with a back brake, when the bike lands and re fires (high speed bump start) it will bog and sputter under acceleration for a few corners then come back to normal power. 

I have attempted to pin the throttle for a few seconds, let off the throttle for a few seconds, shifting into neutral and even holding the kill switch for a few seconds, but nothing seems to remedy the problem. I am sure that it will work fine if I turn off the bike and start it again, but during a race I need a quicker solution.  


Does anyone have a fix for this problem I’ve experience with my 2011 fuel injected KX250F? 





You are experiencing a slight flooding situation. The fix is to stop stalling the bike in mid jump. There is nothing mechaical or FI wise to do. All rider technique.

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