Let's see those open trailers!

I've been searching, and procrastinating... I'm building a 3 rail trailer, can't find what I'm looking for.

I've got the 3 rail part figured, but I'm going to build on a 60" axle instead of the typical 48" and use 15" wheels. Rather than build a 48" wide  frame and add extensions for tie downs, I'll just build the box that wide, and save my shins. I'd like a platform area up front as well, unlike the commercially available ones, as I need to carry more than just a spare and a gas can. I'm thinking a 48" truck box, fuel and propane tank holders, and a space for my 1500 watt generator, and my canopy/lawn chairs. Stuff I don't want in the RV.

I've looked at the enclosed trailer options, and I've decided against that, for some reason, they cost the earth up this way, even for a well used one, and my desire to use it behind my car for day trips.

Let's see those custom open trailers!

I'm building a 5' wide too, after having many 4' wide open trailers and a 5x8 Cargo. 

Here's the Cargo and a HF I boxed quick and dirty to haul a bike across country in the winter.

I had to put a window in the box for agriculture inspection leaving Florida :banghead:


That Cargo was tight for 2 street bikes :jawdrop:


What type bikes are you hauling, will you have/need a ramp?

I have a 3 fold 6' aluminum ramp that I mounted across the bed as a stone guard.

I started with a Northern Tool 5x8 kit that I welded together and extended the tung about 3ft.

I'll post some pics when I am close enough to it to take some.


I built a 6.5x12ft flatbed from an old camp trailer. Decked, wired, and tired for a grand total of around $300, incuding wheel chocks for 3bikes. I mounted a lockable box on the tonge for tie straps, fuel, etc. I have plenty of room for gear bags and possibly 2 more bikes across the back, or 1 atv. I did a spring over and an axle flip netting 22in of ground clearance under the frame and 17in under the axle. I can get to all the good trails buried deep in the desert or mountains without having to worry about high centering the trailer. All thats left is to add some side rails and its done.

I had a flat deck built this spring with a tongue box on it for stuff. it had a custom wheel rack with three points to set a wheel. Can carry one, two and for three I have to turn the front wheel and set to the corner of the front frame as there is handle bar competition using all three wheel notches. Works fine but my tongue weight was way too much to haul with a Honda CRV. I wanted a 5x10 with the tongue box on the front but was sold into a 5x8 with the tongue box on a 5" tongue. Do you know how much weight you can get in a 18" x 5' tongue box? way too much for a balanced load. 


I measured each bike for cog on a 2x4 and weighed all the shit I had and figured out my load. I could not make the 5x8 work so sold it and got what I wanted in the first place. I can tow with the Honda CRV now and three bikes but I have to keep the load in the tongue box minimal and I check with a scale first to keep it under 150 lbs. I would recommend a load map it you are building. I used a spread sheet and just figured out where the cog of each item would sit and then did the ratios for axle and tongue weight. In the image each cell is 3" and for the mass, each coloured cell represents 1lb kind of. It was really accurate when I weighted the tongue and took the items off one at a time. These are pics of the 5x8 setup that had a heavy tongue. If big bikes, I can manage three but the little ones can stack up nicely.






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