Flywheel weight honda CR

Looking for a decent flywheel weight for my 03 250 smoker. This bike will be used for Jday, Moto, AND flattrack, as I'm not the one who is in the spot to have a bike for each field. Trying to find a flywheel weight that can fit my applications best. All the flattrack guys recommend a 14oz, but a few run 12oz as well. I've never ridden a bike with a flywheel weight, I only hear it calms down the hit and makes the bike more chug-able. Don't want something that will sacrifice too much snap and lose speed on the short track, but I also don't want it to be too light and have me still death gripping the bike till my arms fall off. Any recommendations?

I had a 8oz on mine, used only for mx. I believe the heavier ones will not fit in the stock cover without modification. It did make quite a noticeable difference. I liked it for acceleration because it smoothed out the hit. Didn't like that it also makes it harder for the engine to slow down, which sucked for coming into a bumpy corner. Try contacting Steahly and see what they recommend.  

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