Two stroke in RM-Z 250 Frame

OK, so I picked up an '05 rmz-250 the other day. The bike is in OK shape but the engine seems like its going to need crank bearings. I got it for a steal so i'm not worried about that aspect. I actually really enjoy how this bike handles and besides an awful engine, it seems be pretty decent. The suspension is plush but not washy, and it seems to lay over nicely in the turns. I actually enjoyed how the bike handles in the woods, though the 250 thumper isn't what I want. SO, i'm left with a dilemma. Something inside me wants to throw an RM250 engine in it and be done. But that would require chopping the frame and adding a custom Y-piece, but i'm not entirely opposed to that thought. Another idea is an older air-cooled two stroke with a side-port exhaust (80's kdx200s in particular) so I won't have to chop the frame. Lastly, I've pondered the idea of an XR250 or XR400 air cooled thumper in it. This is really a screw around project for me and I'm just wanting something different. Although I'll build it right, I'm not really worried about being politically correct (i.e. honda engine in suzuki frame) So I'm open to any wild ideas you guys might have. In the long run, I want something for the trails that handles decent and I wont have to worry about breaking down.


I would do a kdx200 or KTM 200. That Rmz steel frame was pretty decent. I'd just put whatever motor in that is fun and reliable and enjoy

Id say putting an rm 250 engine in it would make a fun bike but then again putting in an engine like an xr 400 engine would make it an extremely reliable bike that handles good but that would also add alot of weight. If it were me id put the rm 250 engine in it but that's just me

Shove a RM 250 motor and let her sing!

These guys can help ya

Well, Kawasaki did build that model and with your desire to install something different in the frame and go trail riding, I'd suggest a KDX 200 engine too.  Chances are that it'll bolt in a lot easier that you think. 


There's that or you could just rebuild the motor but go crazy and really tweak it into a off-road bike (I favor this).  And then there's other possibilities, try to find a KLX-300 4t engine... or if you REALLY wanted to get crazy, find a Honda EX400 quad engine.  One that's new enough to have electric start but not so new that you'd get reverse ~ accidentally engaging reverse on a start would be extremely embarrassing...

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