Clutch problems, please help!

I have a 2005 crf250r and lately when I let the clutch out from a complete stop to get going, the clutch wont engage untill the very end and when it does engage it jerks me forward and I don't know much about clutches. Do you think the plates need to be replaced or cleaned or maybe something with the clutch cable? Thanks.

First you need to turn in (shorten) the cable adjustment, add more free pay at the very end of the lever travel, so the clutch grabs about half to 2/3 of the way out.


The grabbiness can be from a number of different things worn in the clutch. Or just the type of oil you have in there. I've heard the Shell rotella that i use causes some grabbiness (i just live with it) maybe others here could recommend an oil that doesn't grab as much.

Ok so im guessing you mean adjust the clutch cable with the little circular thing right next to the lever? and I run pro honda 80/85 do you think that could be the problem and if so do you have any guesses as to what oil to change to?

Yes, and you could try the recommended oil, 10w30  with the JASO- MA spec.

Adjust the clutch cable

Measure the clutch fibers, you'll need a big socket to get the main nut off (forgot which, 30mm?)

Outer clutch basket might be notched and that causes grabby clutch feel



Not that hard to check, just put the bike on the side, get the clutch cover off and take a look.

Ok, thank you.

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