Ktm 350 Engine Life?

I have a 2012 ktm 350 with 115 hours on it. I trail ride and race 5 or so enduros a year. How long will I get out of the bottom end before it will start to cause problems? Don't mind doing the top end. Trying to decide if I should sell now or ride for another year.

Well I got about 85 hours out of my 2011 350 XCF, so you beat me there. At 85 hours my rings were prematurely shot from sucking silt past the air filter. Who knows how long it would have lasted otherwise.

I know of one that has over 350hrs on the bottom-end....

The bottom end is bullet proof on these motors, it has a plain bearing like whats in a car engine rather than the usual roller bearing bottom end. Keep the oil fresh and clean and the bottom end should outlast anything.

If I am not mistaken, I think the SXF received the plain bearing just in 2013.

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