HRC forks?

I bought a cr125 marked 1989 on headstock but clearly the forks are not stock. Neither was the shock so I'm thinking I got someone's franken bike made with spare junk. I'll post a pic ASAP. The best I can figure is HRC units only based on the unique rock guards on these USD forks. The guards look nothing like stock ones. The tubes measure 42mm on the seal inner. I'd like to reseal them but not sure what to buy. Oh yeah absolutely no markings to be found on forks at all. Help me out, are these junk or worth a spin? Right now the oil seems beat and seals are headed south.

We'd have to see what you are talking about to even begin to make semi educated guesses.

I opened it up this morning and the internals look like a 1991 with the plastic spring guide.  Can someone confirm what the lower tube diameter should be because I bought seals for what was supposed to be a 90-91 but they are 45mm.  Is the vendor wrong, 


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I pulled the seal out and mic'ed the seal surfaces and I was wrong on the 42mm.  I used a caliper and read inner 41mm outer 53mm and a 8mm thick seal.  I'll be fishing for new seals and dust covers next.  I'm also thinking of going to the "sock" type tube cover for better protection from water, I do trail ride mostly, thoughts?

Those are 1989 / 90 rm forks triple clamps and front wheel brake setup. Inverted kyb forks first year inverted fork kyb lowers where 41mm and those fork guards are first Gen kyb gaurds. Sorry those are not no special hrc forks.

Thats it, from the seal I was looking at kx and rm as the possible swap. These are def RM from 89-90. The whole front end with some bar mods. Thanks joe!

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