House for rent with MX track


I own a small hobby farm and I have an MX track on it.  I need to find a renter for the house to justify keeping the property.  It's kind of expensive for me to just keep it as a place to ride.  It's located in the Howard Lake, Winsted area.  It's an old farm house kind of small, 3 bedrooms 1 bath.  Lots of out buildings for storage.  Track is decent, dirts not the greatest, all hard pack.  If I have a steady renter I'll put more money into the track.  Since we'll be riding there quite a bit I'm trying to find a dirt biker to rent it first cause I figure anybody else is going to be anoyed by the noise.  I'm fine with who ever rents it riding the track as long as their repectful of the neighbors and not riding all day every day.  PM me for more details.

what if i find you a renter that doesn't care? do I get to ride there? :D

 I know a few people looking for a rental house... i'll spread the word.

PM me your # and I'll text you next time we ride. I need to take a few days off, the wife hit her limit yesterday. I guess d biking or mtb everyday is to much.

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