Do you use a true stand?

Or do you use the bike? Trying to decide on if I want to buy one or not. Ive never trued a wheel before if that matters

also do you true with the tire on or off the rim?

I have done it a couple times without a stand, but never with one, so I can't say for that. 

It is definitely do-able, it will just take some time, patience, and knowing what you're doing. I just usually ziptie a pen to my swingarm, and position the pen so it's maybe 5mm away from the rim. Then I slowly get to work tightening, and truing. I didn't measure, but I fairly certain I got my rim within where it is supposed to be.


Edit: you true with the tire off so you can true the vertical run out ( I believe that's what it's called.)

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I just borrow one but, you can just use the axels on the forks and swingarm, works just as well and doesn't cost a penny...

Ok. So should I loosen all the spokes and start from scratch? I have a tusk spoke torque wrench. I know dont go over 1/4 turn and tighten every third spoke starting at the inner tube valve. 


Im doing a 14 inch front wheel

I have a truing stand for balancing and lacing.. works great. Much easier than  trying to do it on the forks or swingarm.



It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you know where you started. And you'll want to see what your lacing pattern is, like my wheel was every 4th spoke to stay on the same path.

I have a truing stand and they work great tons better then the old lace and true on the bike !

I have done 4 sets for people including my own money well spent

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